Braces are an effective way to straighten generally crooked teeth or bite irregularities, but they aren’t always comfortable, attractive, or speedy enough. At Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta, experienced cosmetic dentist, Danielle Greene, DDS, offers Fastbraces® and a cutting-edge product called Clear Correct® to help you achieve your smile goals. She is a Master Level Provider with Fast Braces! Call the office at (404) 758-0770 or request an appointment online to learn about these effective teeth-straightening methods.

Fastbraces & Clear Correct Q & A

What is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is a technology that involves using a set of transparent aligners that fit directly over your teeth to coax them into place. As opposed to traditional metal braces that may be cemented to your teeth for three years or longer, Clear Correct aligners can resolve your smile issues in 12-18 months.

The aligners are made according to a treatment plan established by Dr. Greene. Each week or two, you move to a new set of aligners as your teeth gradually move into place. These aligners are removable when you eat or brush. They need fewer adjustments and work faster than metal braces. Plus, they’re nearly invisible.

Am I a candidate for Clear Correct?

Dr. Greene evaluates your smile and goals to determine if Clear Correct is the right orthodontic choice for you. Clear Correct can address issues including:

  • Overbites and underbites
  • Cross bites or open bites
  • Generally crooked teeth
  • Crowding or excessive spaces

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Greene to see if your smile concerns can be easily addressed with Clear Correct.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces involve a revolutionary system of fast, safe braces that offer outstanding results. As opposed to traditional braces, which move your teeth into position over the period of a few years, Fastbraces work quicker because of their approach to moving your teeth. Traditional braces first adjust the crown of your teeth and then address the position of the tooth roots.

With Fastbraces, an innovative triangular bracket and specially-shaped square wire correct your tooth roots from the very onset of treatment, so your crown and root realign simultaneously and more quickly.

How soon will I see smile improvements from Fastbraces?

Depending on your treatment plan, you can expect changes in the general appearance of your teeth in three to 12 months. Dr. Greene will let you know what to expect given your bite and smile goals. Schedule a consultation to learn if Fastbraces are the right orthodontic treatment for you.

To learn more about Clear Correct and Fastbraces as alternatives to traditional teeth-straightening methods, call Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta at (404) 758-0770 or request an appointment online.