The appearance and health of your teeth depend on your gums. Helping you maintain good periodontal health is a major goal of Danielle Greene, DDS, and the providers at Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta. Regular professional cleanings can help keep your gums healthy and, should you suffer gum disease, she can help with effective treatment to prevent complications. Call the office at (404) 758-0770 or request an appointment online to learn more about how you can preserve healthy gums.

Periodontal Treatment Q & A

Why is gum health important?

Your gums provide a strong support structure for your teeth. If they become diseased, your teeth are more vulnerable to decay and can experience a destruction of the tissue that surrounds your teeth. Gum disease often leads to tooth loss.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a precursor to full-blown gum disease. As bacteria in plaque builds up on your teeth, you experience inflammation and bleeding, especially when you brush or floss. Your gums may look puffy and reddened, but your teeth are still firmly planted in their sockets.

Your gums are irritated, but gingivitis can easily be reversed with pristine at-home hygiene that includes brushing twice per day (preferably after meals) and flossing at least once. Regular professional cleanings at Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta also helps reduce the build-up of plaque that you can’t reach with at-home hygiene.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Gingivitis can easily progress to gum disease if you don’t address it. You may suspect that you’ve developed full-blown gum disease if you experience the following:

  • Red, swollen, or tender gums or gums that bleed during tooth brushing
  • Gum recession
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite down or changes in the fit of dentures

If you do suspect you’ve developed gum disease, see Dr. Greene immediately. Early treatment, such as root planing and scaling, can help prevent the disease from progressing to the point of tooth loss.

Why do I need a professional cleaning if I have good at-home habits?
Plaque naturally develops on your teeth as a result of what you eat and drink. This development has nothing to do with inadequate brushing. If this plaque isn’t addressed and is left to collect on your teeth, it can cause cavities and gum inflammation.

The team at Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta can also help you find weaknesses in your at-home hygiene habits too – sometimes a tweak in the type of toothbrush or brushing technique can improve your oral health.

To learn more about how you can preserve your gum’s health, call us at (404) 758-0770 or request an appointment online with Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta.